Corigliano Rossano, boom in hit-and-run tourists: drop in attendance until July


By John

The season is good, but we need to move from hit-and-run tourism to a constant flow of tourists. This is the feeling that can be perceived from the words of the tourist operators of Corigliano Rossano, from restaurateurs to beach managers and also from B&B accommodation. On average, the majority of attendances were concentrated in the two weeks around mid-August. The numbers seem to confirm last year’s data.
A decline, however, and we are always talking about multi-day tourist presences, occurred compared to last year, both in June and well into July.. In this period of time we worked more with “local” customers who still wanted their place in the sun with a monthly or seasonal subscription at their favorite beach. These seem to be the first data to emerge at the end of a summer which has seen the unique city be one of the main attractors in terms of attractive events, from concerts to the theatre, passing through the patronal festivals which this year have marked the whole exhausted in both the Ausonic and Byzantine urban areas. What the operators underline is that we could work better and well if there were a constant number of presences, since not all expenses are covered with single presences perhaps conditioned or linked to the single event. Furthermore, at least for restaurants, it was noted that families in particular were careful about their wallets, going out for dinner on average once a week.
Certainly the increase in the cost of living must have had some effect on some items of the holiday package that everyone has granted themselves or been lucky enough to be able to afford. However, among the folds of “hit and run” a new presence has not escaped. That is, there were quite a few who abandoned the Tyrrhenian Sea to “test” the Ionian coast. In Corigliano Rossano, perhaps for a day or a weekend, there was the presence of tourists from the Tyrrhenian area of ​​Cosenza. Having a chat with a couple of them, they told us that they were attracted a bit by the events on offer, but also by the conditions of the sea which appears cleaner than many areas on the opposite coast.