Occhiuto: finally also in Calabria the single regional center for online bookings, in healthcare more simplification for users


By John

“Finally also in Calabria, from today, we have the single reservation centre, the so-called Cup, online – declares Roberto Occhiuto, president of the Calabria Region -. A single Cup for the whole Region. Something very normal in many other areas of Italy, but which had never been done here. Until this moment, each provincial health authority and each hospital had its own autonomous, non-integrated booking system, with services called differently, and which even had different rates from territory to territory: a real disaster. Now we have turned the page, and brought order to the confusion created by decades of inaction.
We have created a single regional catalog of healthcare services.

The user, by connecting to the single portal or using the specific ‘CUP Calabria’ App (downloadable to your smartphone), will be able to view all the services provided throughout the regional territory. A citizen of Catanzaro, for example, will be able to easily book a visit to Cosenza or Reggio, using a single digital platform.
This is the single regional Cup: a great simplification.

At this moment – continues Occhiuto – all the health services available in the provinces of Reggio Calabria and Cosenza, and in the ASP of Catanzaro have already been uploaded.
On September 25th we will have those of the Asp of Crotone; by the end of October those of Dulbecco; in November those of the Asp of Vibo Valentia.

From today, Calabrian citizens will be able to book and pay for their visits using a single platform from their PC or smartphone; at the same time, the physical Cups and call centers will continue to remain operational for those who wish to continue to use the traditional channels. It seems like little, in the sea of ​​problems that our healthcare has, but we have taken a good step towards normality.”