Corigliano Rossano, hunt for candidates for the lists: the most popular are doctors and lawyers


By John

It will not be easy, it seems, to compose the lists of candidates for city councilor, nor does it seem easy to identify the names who can make an important contribution in terms of votes to the same list. Today, in fact, just under a month from the deadline for the presentation of the lists, the main exponents at the head of the political groups and movements are encountering many difficulties. Since the number of candidates who will participate in the June competition – if the number of over 15 lists in the field is confirmed – could exceed the figure of 350 competitors, it will not be easy to identify the available subjects. Then, according to what has been learned, there would be a need on both sides to take into consideration the origins of the two urban areas. In addition to the candidates, the leaders of the political forces and movements are scouring the territory to find the subjects who will have to sign the lists, making sure that the same person has not already signed their name previously on some other list. At the moment the safe names of the candidates are those who carry out political or institutional activities, while we scrutinize the professionals who can count on their own following. Obviously, the most courted are lawyers and family doctors, whose clients and patients have a continuous and direct relationship with the professional.
It seems that among the general practitioners who spontaneously intend to make their own civil and social contributions to the community, there is Dr. Antonio Sanzi, maximalist family doctor. From reliable sources, his positive decision to run in one of the movements in support of Mayor Flavio Stasi should be almost certain.