Corigliano Rossano, pirated car hits two women. Transported to hospital


By John

The car that hit two women this evening came out of nowhere. And what’s even more serious is that after the accident the car left no traces behind. The story, therefore, is that of a pirate car that hits two women and after throwing them to the ground disappears into traffic. The incident occurred in the early evening of yesterday in via Galeno at the Rossano airport, causing confusion and apprehension among the people who at that moment were on the road connecting two important city roads.
Passers-by immediately asked for help and an ambulance from the 118 service arrived on the scene, as well as a police car from the Corigliano Rossano public safety police station.

From what we have learned, it seems that one of the two women hit is pregnant and in fact the rescuers, having only one stretcher on the vehicle, gave priority to the pregnant woman. In any case, both women were transferred to the emergency room of the Giannettasio city hospital where they were reported and kept under observation after the fall. In the meantime, we are trying to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident and above all to trace the identity of the man driving the car. It seems that it is a Mercedes-type car, but investigators are still acquiring all the useful elements to identify the vehicle.