Corruption investigation in Trapani, Safina resigns from the Democratic Party


By John

The Sicilian regional deputy of the Democratic Party, Dario Safina, has self-suspended from the party. His lawyers, Giuseppe Rando and Salvatore Longo, say so. «Aware of the embarrassment that the ongoing investigation, which has seen him under the precautionary measure of house arrest, may cause to the community of democrats and democrats, as well as to the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party, he asked us to make known his desire to self-suspend with immediate effect from the democratic party as well as from the parliamentary group. As soon as his judicial position is clarified, certainly in the shortest possible time, he will return to the full exercise of his parliamentary functions”, say the lawyers.

This is who the regional deputy is

Dario Safina, 48 years old, originally from Erice, lawyer, regional deputy of the Democratic Party, ended up under house arrest on charges of corruption and auction rigging, he began his political career very early with the Young Democrats of Trapani. He was provincial secretary of the DS from 2005 to 2008 and provincial president of the Democratic Party from 2011 to 2013. Municipal councilor for public works in the previous council of mayor Giacomo Tranchida, who resigned to run for the last regional elections, and remained at the municipality as a consultant, he won for 143 votes (5,412 preferences) the internal challenge to the Democratic Party with the provincial secretary of the party, Domenico Venuti. Venuti had appealed claiming he was ineligible for the position but lost it. Safina is a member of the Productive Activities commission of Palazzo dei Normanni and in the special commission for the Statute. Very active in Sala D’Ercole with ten bills, 12 interpellations and 16 questions. Last year he supported Giacomo Tranchida’s second candidacy for mayor of Trapani with the civic list ‘Cambia-mentì without the official support of the Democratic Party. He is president of the Milo Tennis Club of Trapani.