Cosenza, caught at home with weapons and drugs. A 36-year-old multiple criminal arrested


By John

The extraordinary services, ordered by the Police Commissioner of the Cosenza province, Giuseppe Cannizzaro, aimed at controlling those subjects subjected to the coercive measure of legal obligations, continue incessantly.

Flying Squad personnel has A 36-year-old multiple convicted felon with criminal records relating to drugs and crimes against the person has been arrested, as he was found in possession, inside his home, of a caliber revolver pistol. 38 with relative ammunition, including some doses of hashish and cocaine as well as material for packaging and weighing the substance.

The man, subjected to house arrest, at the end of the ritual activities, was arrested for the crimes of receiving stolen goods, illegal possession of a weapon and possession of narcotic substances.

Further investigations are underway aimed in particular at ascertaining the illicit origin of the gun and ammunition.

All this is communicated in compliance with the rights of the suspects (to be considered presumed innocent in consideration of the current phase of the proceedings until a definitive finding of guilt with an irrevocable sentence) in order to guarantee the right to freedom of the press.