Cosenza dull, deserved defeat in Brescia


By John


Markers: 8′ st Bjarnason.
Brescia (4-3-1-2): Lezzerini 6; Papetti 6.5, Cistana 6.5, Mangraviti 6, Dickmann 6; Fogliata 6.5 (41′ st Besaggio sv), Bisoli 7, Ndoj 6 (12′ st Olzer 6); Bjarnason 7; Moncini 6 (11′ st Borrelli 6.5), Bianchi 6.5. All.: Gastaldello.
Cosenza (4-2-3-1): Micai 6; Rispoli 5.5, Meroni 6, Sgarbi 5, D’Orazio 6; Zuccon 6, Calò 5.5 (38′ st Viviani sv); Marras 5 (9′ st Canotto 5.5), Voca 5.5 (39′ st Fontanarosa sv), Arioli 5.5 (23′ st Crespi 5.5); Tutino 5.5 (39′ st Zilli sv). All.: Caserta.
Referee: Maresca of Naples 6.
Note: clear day, pitch in good condition, match played behind closed doors. Expelled: 31′ st Sgarbi for dangerous play. Booked: Bjarnason, Arioli, Olzer, Bisoli, Calò, Adorni. Angles: 4-8. Recovery time: 4′, 8′.

Second consecutive defeat for Cosenza. This time absolutely deserved. The Caserta team showed up in Brescia unloaded and lost to the biancazzurri in their first match of this season. A step backwards for the rossoblù compared to previous outings. The break will help the Sila people find themselves again.
In the 3rd minute Arioli was decisive in blocking Fogliata’s shot from the center of the area. On the next corner, Bisoli heads over the crossbar.
In the 26th minute Calò draws a vertical track for Tutino who from the back passes backwards onto Voca’s tow but the Kosovar’s shot is blocked and goes wide.
Cosenza doesn’t raise the pace of the game and it’s easy for Brescia to control. Indeed, the hosts are at times even more insidious.
In the second half, the rossoblù appear in fifth place for the first time. Zuccon and Marras overturn the front, but Tutino is closed at the best opportunity by Papetti’s diagonal.
Three minutes later, however, Brescia passed, sending the ball past Micai with a Bianchi-Fogliata-Bjarnason combination. The Icelandic cornered with precision and scored the advantage.
The Sila team try to prepare a reply but are not very clear-headed, they try with Arioli (blocked) and are left with ten men due to Sgarbi’s expulsion (31′). The most concrete attempt towards Lezzerini’s goal is a free kick from Calò 9′ from the end but the ball goes wide.
Gastaldello’s team is close to an encore with Borrelli. The ex screws onto Bisoli’s cross and sends the ball hitting the base of the post. In the opponent’s area, not even at the end the light goes on. Brescia thus wins the three points.