Cosenza expected from eight “battles” in a sprint not to be missed


By John

In the midst of the negativity caused by the nose-diving results of the last period, there are some elements that still invite us to remain confident in view of a season finale of maximum tension, in which Cosenza will have to chase their objectives with gritted teeth. In the first eleven matchdays of the second round, the rossoblù won 13 points. If we compare what we have collected so far with what we have achieved in the same period of matches in the first round, the balance is negative. In the first part of the season, in fact, Micai and his associates scored 15 points. Today there are two fewer than then (-13.3%) but there is one hidden figure.

Growth. For the first time, the calendar of the cadet series is asymmetrical. That is to say that the order of the matchdays is not the same from one group to another. Well, in light of this, Cosenza has improved its performance. If we compare the results obtained with the same teams already encountered, the rossoblù have recorded significant growth.
In the first leg matches against Cremonese (2-1 defeat), Venezia (1-1 draw), Sudtirol (2-2 draw), Pisa (2-1 victory), Modena (2-1 defeat) , Lecco (3-0 victory), Sampdoria (2-0 defeat), Parma (0-0 draw), Catanzaro (2-0 defeat), Cittadella (2-0 defeat) and Ternana (2-0 defeat) 2-1), the Bruzio group scored a total of 9 points. This means that, a few months later, faced with the same opponents, the Sila team managed to pick up 4 more, recording an increase of 44.4%. The two goal registers also show positive balances.
From January onwards, the Sila team have scored 12 goals and conceded the same number. Against the same rivals, until then, they had scored one less (11) and conceded four more (16). Signs of “millimetric” growth both in comparison to the last course and in relation to the recent past. A “reading” that the Via degli Stadi club deemed insufficient or did not take into consideration when it sacked Fabio Caserta eight days ago, with the team suspended halfway between the playoff dream and the specter of the playout.

Hope. In the final rush, from April to May 10, 8 battles await the Sila. With 24 points still up for grabs, the final is yet to be written. Micai and his companions will encounter Brescia, Feralpisalò, Palermo, Reggiana, Bari, Ascoli, Spezia and Como on their journey. Three of these occupy the first half of the ranking while the other five are currently confined to eleventh position onwards.
Against these opponents, in the first round, they added 12 points. Confirming the same performance would allow Cosenza to reach 46 in the standings, most likely achieving direct salvation. The group, meanwhile, will find themselves under the orders of William Viali today to start working again after Saturday afternoon's defeat against Ternana.