Cosenza, Francesco Repice at the theater with “Otto e Nove – fora maluacchiu”


By John

A unique appointment for Cosenza and Cosenza, its people, its fans. For a date that fits into the context of the shows of “La Voce del Balloon”, with Francesco Repice.

Nothing brings us closer to a sport than the successes achieved by its protagonists. In Cosenza, in the 1980s, when Italian football was truly “the most beautiful in the world”, the opposite happened: it was the fans, in a difficult and bloody period for the city, who recovered their roots and “created” the squad. And to do it around two men: Otto and Nine. Two “magic” numbers that cherished the dream of Serie A. And which, even today, tell much more than the shirts worn for a long time by Denis Bergamini And Gigi Marulla.

Powerful and romantic stories that take shape, for the first time together, in the unmistakable voice of Francesco Repice. Helped by those who experienced those emotions firsthand, the Rai journalist di All the football minute by minute it will retrace cherished successes and triumphs, failures and defeats. And even further. Because, through Eight and Nine, that story lives on.

After almost thirty years of radio commentary that has moved entire generations, Repice brings to the stage in his hometown a show dedicated to the popular history of football: EIGHT AND NINE (fora maluacchiu). A unique date, Wednesday 28 February at 9.00 pm at the Rendano theatre. The text, freely inspired by the novel “Lontano da me” by Andrea Marotta, was also written by Repice himself and Francesco La Luna.

The direction is by Matteo Corfiati.