Cosenza, Guarascio drops the ace and announces: “We have redeemed Tutino”. Ursino: “Viali will not be our coach”


By John

The announcement came during a press conference: the presentation of the new general director Beppe Ursino and the new sporting director Gennaro Delvecchio.

Eugenio Guarascio, president of Cosenza, underlined: “We have redeemed Tutino”. Therefore, Cosenza starts again from the Campania striker, capable of scoring 20 goals in the last season. Best Italian striker in terms of goals scored between Serie A and Serie B, Tutino is ready to once again drag the “Wolves” and make the Cosenza fans who adore him dream again.

At the same time, Ursino, the new general director of the Bruzia company, highlighted: “Viali is no longer the coach of Cosenza. He wanted a two-year contract, we offered it to him but he said he didn't feel motivated”