Cosenza, Iacucci’s doubts about the hospital and the party’s inaction


By John

Franco Iacucci, former president of the Province, former mayor of Aiello, is now vice president of the Regional Council. A consistent past always on the left and, now, a convinced militancy in the Democratic Party.
How is the regional council operating with respect to Cosenza and the province?
«I don’t see the necessary attention towards the capital city and its province. I wouldn’t want Cosenza’s penalization to be due to the fact that the municipal executive is centre-left.”
And what’s happening with the new Bruzio hospital?
«Meanwhile, I note great uncertainty about the actual location. One has the feeling that Occhiuto wants to move it from Vagliolise to the university area of ​​Rende. And yet he doesn’t have the courage to say it. I am also perplexed by the choice to finance the work entirely with Inail funds, tying up the organization in a mortgage for decades and complicating the procedures. Compared to this scenario, a crucial element is missing: the executive project. Will it be done, who will do it, when?
Let’s go to the Democratic Party: what’s happening?
«We made an effort to hold conferences and overcome the commissionerships. This is also thanks to Nicola Irto. An important result that allowed the Democratic Party to get back on track and obtain good results.”
How are things in the province of Cosenza?
«We have elected a young secretary with a large majority. But the new, the young, does not always guarantee positive news. Unfortunately I have to note that the provincial secretary, instead of working to strengthen the unity of the party, has made divisive choices. And from a political point of view, the Democratic Party in Cosenza is at a standstill.”