Cosenza, many reasons to smile. Tutino, Forte and Voca convince together


By John

In the right moment, Cosenza smiled again. The rossoblù arrived at the break with a victory over Reggiana which allowed Tutino to break his long abstinence and Micai to win the fifth clean sheet of his championship. Furthermore, the rossoblù have regained a playoff position, cohabiting with Cittadella, victorious in Palermo yesterday. The perfect viaticum at the dawn of “the two longest weeks of the season”, as Caserta defined them. Those that lead to the derby with Catanzaro.
Change The coach had already anticipated some changes in the conference on Friday. The main of these was represented by the simultaneous presence of Tutino, Forte and Voca. Until Saturday’s match against Reggiana, every time the first two were given confidence, Voca was excluded from the eleven. With the exception of the home match against Sudtirol in which, however, the Kosovar’s position was that of midfielder in a different tactical plan. Because in that case, the two full-backs were given the license to play in a very high position since in the possession phase Tutino centralized, working close to Forte, while Marras moved between the lines to try to hurt the South Tyroleans.
Against Nesta’s team, however, Forte was given more space in the centre. The lower version of the full-backs, in particular D’Orazio, as happens quite often, favored this situation, with Tutino starting in a more external position compared to the other times in which he was used and, therefore, a different player even in folding. Voca, on the other hand, had the opportunity to occupy the spaces that became free behind Forte.
The pick-up work offered by the number 42 was decisive again in the first goal. The role that Caserta has created for him now fits him perfectly. The coach from Melita partially vindicated his intuition after the match when he created the parallel between the former Lucerna player and the Cerisanese Simone Perrotta in Spalletti’s Roma.
The new setup works, it could be useful to Forte and prove successful in winning second balls. The downside could lie in the changing room dynamics since, with the use of these interpreters, one of Mazzocchi and Marras would be left out from time to time and in all likelihood also Canotto (who could be more useful during the match in progress, perhaps as change of onesie).
A lot of the potential with which it was decided to equip the team in the summer. The alchemy identified, however, will be very useful and also facilitates another consideration: the value of a staff decidedly superior to that of the previous “Guarascian” Serie B championships.
Cosenza this year will not need the classic end-of-winter transfer bets – see Mbakogu, Larrivey (the only successful one) and Zarate – to make ends meet. The Sila team have what it takes to play their playoff options to the end and continue to give their fans as much satisfaction as in this first part of the season. In short, Saturday’s victory gave the Sila three important points but also and above all serenity in view of the rest of the tournament.