Storm over 4 freelance photographers present on the day of the October 7 massacre. Israel denounces: “Did they agree with Hamas?”


By John

The director of the Israeli government press office, Nitzan Chenasked the bureau chiefs of the Associated Press, Reuters, CNN and the New York Times for explanations on the disturbing findings of the report Honest Reporting which talks about the involvement of photographers in the events of October 7th. An involvement, it is stated, “that goes beyond every professional and moral red line”.

Four photographers working for these networks documented the horrors perpetrated by Hamas terrorists after breaching the border barrier with Israel. They filmed the killing of civilians, the abuse of bodies and the kidnapping of men and women“, says the Israeli government press office. “If there are journalists who knew about the massacre, and who took photos while children were being massacred, they would be no different from terrorists and their punishment should be severe,” he wrote on centrist leader Benny Gantz.

Lapid, “were reporters at the massacre sites involved?”

“In the same way that the international media always demands an answer from us, we now demand an answer from them: who are those journalists? Were they involved in the attack? Did they know about it in advance? Will they be fired?” The centrist Yair Lapid, head of the opposition in Israel, writes this on places – according to the NGO – raises serious ethical questions”.