Cosenza, new hospital and De Salazar. Total clash between the Municipality and the Calabria Region


By John

A convulsive and thunderous melee. Tensions and forbidden shots from Cosenza to Catanzaro, round trip. The two large institutional faults have been generating earthquakes with landslides and landslides in muddy waters for months. THEThe Democratic Party at Palazzo dei Bruzi came out into the open attacking the Region on the appointment of Vitaliano De Salazar as the new commissioner of Azienda Zero. This is the same manager who leads the Annunziata. For Giuseppe Mazzuca, an illegitimate, incompatible choice because it would involve giving the power of controller to those who should be controlled.
But the siege of the Citadel is rejected by the vice president of the Regional Council, Pierluigi Caputo. His words are piercing like blades. «The president of the Cosenza municipal council, Mazzuca, should read the rules approved by the regional council before sounding the trumpets, alternatively he could deal exclusively with the role he holds. There is no incompatibility between the extraordinary commissioner of Azienda Zero and any other position at the top of ASP or AO. The controller of the health and hospital companies remains the Region, while Azienda Zero centralizes some technical-administrative functions, precisely to relieve Asp and Ao and allow them to concentrate exclusively on the provision of healthcare services”. Caputo also stops Mazzuca on the new hospital: «The question, improvidently raised by Mazzuca, of the lengthening of the time for the development of the design of the new hospital in Cosenza is linked precisely to the Municipality’s initiative to appeal to the TAR against the decree calling for the procedure for drafting the feasibility document of the design alternatives of the new hospital. In the next few days, the Region will appear in court, bringing its own reasons in support of the full legitimacy of the actions of its offices.”

Mazzuca responds and uses the same language as the “enemy”, a language which, at this point, no longer has anything institutional: «The vice president of the regional council ignores the contents of the laws that he himself approves in the regional legislative Assembly. On the incompatibility of De Salazar’s appointment at the top of Azienda Zero, it would be sufficient for him to re-read article 2b of regional law 32 of 2021 to verify how evident and without any doubt the incompatibility of the interim with the management of the hospital company is ».