Nine thousand kilometers on foot or on public transport to get to know the birthplaces of the great composers: the feat of Leone Facoetti and Pietro Barcella


By John

An incredible feat: nine thousand kilometers to travel far and wide – on foot and by public transport – to learn about the places of origin of Italian classical and opera composers and librettists. Since April 8, Leone Facoetti and Pietro Barcella, driven by their passion for music and the desire to enhance a sometimes unknown cultural heritage, have been touring our peninsula in the footsteps of 250 musicians: 53 stages identified, some of which in Calabria and the Cosenza area.

So on 21 September they were in Montalto Uffugo, where Ruggero Leoncavallo lived, where they visited the museum dedicated to him, and the following day in Cosenza, the birthplace of Stanislao Giacomantonio.

While they were looking for their birthplace – as they say in the posts in which they promptly describe the account of their travel days – they accidentally came across the president of the Civicamica association Gilda De Caro, who willingly welcomed and spoke with the two solitary travellers. .

The following day they visited the Casa della Musica and the headquarters of the Conservatory of Cosenza, named after Giacomantonio, in the company of the director, Maestro Francesco Perri, and the prof. Giacomo Pellegrino, before being received by the mayor. In fact, it is customary for Facoetti and Barcella to travel with a cloth on which to affix dates and signatures of mayors or administrators delegated to culture, as proof of the route taken. A flag that symbolically unites the places of the Italian musical tradition inaugurated by Maestro Riccardo Muti. Other stops in the Cosenza province were Amantea, birthplace of the pianist and composer Alessandro Longo, and Carolei, which was the birthplace of Alfonso Rendano.

The musical itinerary of the two music lovers will end on November 29th in Bergamo, where they left, on the anniversary of Gaetano Donizzetti’s birth.