Cosenza, now “watch out for those two”. The choice of Ursino and Delvecchio divides the rossoblù environment


By John

The new course is about to begin. Cosenza has once again broken with its past to look to the present and the near future. The choice made by Eugenio Guarascio divided the environment among those who welcomed the arrival of the duo represented by Beppe Ursino and Gennaro Delvecchio and those who instead expressed some doubts about the choice made by the top Silan manager, defining it as a gamble.
For the two, the one granted by the rossoblù is still a great opportunity but for different reasons.
The expert manager from Roccella Jonica who will take on the role of general manager will return to the track after a very long militancy in Crotone (27 years), which ended in 2022. For the first time, Ursino will try his hand at another place, in which to assert himself contacts and skills acquired in the Pythagorean city. At 74, there is a unique opportunity for him to fully return to top-level football. His relationship with Guarascio has consolidated over time. After the separation from Vrenna's association, the manager became a consultant much listened to by the Parenti entrepreneur. The possibility of his landing in the rossoblù organization chart had already been taken into consideration previously and this time it materialized.
The chance granted by Cosenza is also very important for Gennaro Delvecchio, sporting director of the Wolves. For the Barletta native, this is the first major call to the transfer reins of a senior club at certain levels. The Apulian sporting director gained Guarascio's trust following the work he carried out alongside Sean Sogliano in Hellas Verona at the end of his previous career as manager of the youth sectors of Bari and Lecce.
The 46-year-old from Barletta returns to Calabria, a region that had already marked his career as a footballer. Delvecchio, in fact, in one of his first periods of football at certain levels had played on loan for Castrovillari, in the 1999-2000 season. The following year, then, he also passed through Catanzaro. A path that then received important rewards, with over 160 appearances in the top flight and a token with the senior Italian national team at the behest of Roberto Donadoni who made him debut with the blue jersey a few months after the victory of the 2006 World Cup, in the match against Croatia. This time, his second professional life will seek momentum in Cosenza to follow the same footsteps that consecrated him to high levels as a footballer.
The agreement between the two figures chosen by Guarascio to lead Cosenza will be decisive in guaranteeing a season on par with the previous one. A course, however, that starts with some emergencies. Among these also the redemption of Gennaro Tutino, which will be played this week. This too will be an issue on which Ursino and Delvecchio will sign. The story will have its key moments in the second part of the week, since the deadline for exercising the right acquired on the Neapolitan striker's card expires on Friday.