Modica remains: «Messina was what I wanted»


By John

Plot twist: what seemed to be the day of farewell between Messina and Giacomo Modica, turned into that of renewal. The coach himself announced that the marriage will continue in a conference organized independently in a bar in Cristo Re: «The wait was long, in some ways unnerving, but it didn't depend on me, in any case the end justifies the means and we can say that an agreement has been reached.”
For the first time in the eight years under the current management, therefore, there will be continuity on the bench. Two-year contract, but with the “moral” commitment “that if things don't go well, I will step aside myself”.
Yet the day, after Wednesday's meeting, had not begun with the same sensations, indeed with the more concrete possibility that a definitive break would be reached. The meeting with journalists, initially scheduled for 6pm, was then postponed by two hours, during which Modica went to Giammoro for a final discussion, a decisive result for the continuation of the relationship. «Between the preparation for registration and the president's health problems, to whom I wish good luck for what awaits him in the near future, the times unfortunately being diluted, I have always been convinced that whoever wanted me had to look for me. I waited and it was worth it. Could this be my last conference in Messina? Yes and for this reason it was organized in an “unofficial” form. My will and that of President Pietro Sciotto made the difference, together with the mediation of a person whose name I will not mention. Until this morning it seemed there were no conditions to move forward, then there are moments that put situations to the test, even a word said in a certain way. Finally this important shot.”
Contacts with other teams? There was open talk about Spal (but Gubbio and Ternana would also have moved under the radar). Modica does not deny them. «There have been but they have remained so despite what anyone says, otherwise I wouldn't be here. Other clubs were not ready to do more and I wanted to wait for Messina, both because I would still have been a member until June 30th but also because I remain and will always remain a fan of these colours. I like to feel at home here even if I too have experienced bad times, like the one between November and December. But it remains one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, in Lega Pro we don't talk about it. Now we hope to enjoy many beautiful things, I am proud to drive this car again and I hope to give the satisfaction that this place deserves, we will work to improve many situations, I have had guarantees.”
The aim of the next season will be to improve the one just ended: «After salvation we thought about something else, then again we looked down, it was a strange year. Let's think about something important but without deceiving anyone, it wouldn't be correct at this moment. I can't say let's go to Serie B, I can say that we want to be fun, empathetic and continue to grow, which means arriving in the top ten. I think it's everyone's dream, then the pitch will give the response, as always.”