European elections, Cannizzaro: page of political history for Calabria


By John

«This is a result that marks an unforgettable page of political history for the whole of Calabria. The credit goes only to a large team, made up of militants, managers, administrators, mayors, regional councilors, councillors, productive forces, associations, movements, who have joined this new credible project. I say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of them.” This was stated in a note by the deputy group leader of Forza Italia in the Chamber, Francesco Cannizzaro, regional coordinator of the party in Calabria.

«Together with president Roberto Occhiuto, pioneer of this radical change – he continues – we believed in it from the beginning, putting one of the best resources that Calabria expresses on the field to represent the whole team. Thanks therefore to all the Calabrians who with their vote for Giusi have renewed their trust in this great team that is Forza Italia Calabria. From today a new era begins for our land and for the entire South, with unparalleled prospects. In addition to the entire leadership group of the Party, I would like, finally, to thank our families, our collaborators and, in particular, my secretariat which, as said on other occasions, has no equal in Italy.”