Cosenza, over 10 thousand spectators at the rossoblù party against Sampdoria


By John

After almost five years, grandstand B reopens. Tomorrow evening the public will finally be able to access the open sector which can hold 2600 spectators. The cameras will no longer show empty seats. And the Stadium will be more beautiful and colourful, considering the party dress that will have to be worn for the new and important occasion.
The positive outcome of the inspection carried out by the Supervision Commission on public entertainment venues chaired by the prefect’s vicar, Rosa Correale, whose convocation had been requested on 6 February by the Sila association, arrived yesterday shortly after midday. The Commission made up of technicians and officials gave the green light to the opening of the lower part of the Grandstand. The works carried out by the companies appointed by Cosenza Calcio, on the basis of the agreement signed with the Municipality of Cosenza, have made it possible to make the infrastructure safe, giving the fans the possibility of “populating” an important sector of the facility where a plinth is located tough of the Sila fans.
The direction of the works of Cosenza Calcio entrusted to the engineer Luca Giordano who also takes care of the management of the events of the Club in via degli Stadi has drawn up a timetable of the interventions carefully and orderly executed.
In a note, Cosenza Calcio thanks all the workers who with particular diligence made it possible to achieve the planned results in a short time. In recent days, thanks to the good weather, at least a dozen workers have worked intensely to complete the work that the Commission has seen. The possible risks of hedging that weighed on the uncovered sector have been eliminated.
«With the same trust and commitment the Company», concludes the note, «hopes to complete the work on the upper part of the Grandstand». Tickets for B have already been put on sale in the usual way. In total, around 8 thousand tickets had been sold until yesterday evening. But tomorrow evening the attendance will exceed ten thousand.
It was an objective of the municipal administration, yesterday at the “Marulla” Stadium represented by the councilor for public works Damiano Covello, to return Grandstand B to the fans, closed for a few years due to some dangerous situations that were created due to the age of the coverage. In recent months, the Municipality and the Club have accelerated the time required to sign the agreement which regulates the management of the Stadium and through which a first important result has been achieved. To the satisfaction of councilor Covelli was obviously added the social media message of mayor Franz Caruso who thanked those who contributed to reaching the goal by inviting the fans to support the team.
The reopening of at least part of Grandstand B was in the plans of the Sila association as part of the celebrations of the 110th year of life which will take place tomorrow evening on the occasion of the match against Sampdoria and clearly in view of the derby. To have a different glance. The works will obviously continue to be able to reopen the upper part of B as well, but the times are still defined, although the works management is very optimistic.
Among the initiatives promoted as part of the 110th anniversary is that of USSI, represented by the national councilor Antonio Lopez, and supported by the Cosenza Press Club to consider the idea of ​​naming an area of ​​the stadium “Marulla” (it could be a part of the press gallery or the same booth intended for Rai) to the late colleague Vincenzo d’Atri, singer of the history and life of the Sila team for decades. The proposal which was discussed in the summer during a Society-Press meeting on the initiative of the Cosenza Press Club, was forwarded directly to president Eugenio Guarascio. It would be a really nice way for Cosenza Calcio and the mayor Franz Caruso to remember a prestigious journalist who loved Cosenza very much and whose passion he conveyed through his reports and his stories transformed into two volumes duly illustrated and published in recent years.