Reggio, work has started for the redevelopment of the former Super Cinema Orchidea on the seafront


By John

Work began this morning on the redevelopment of the former Super Cinema Orchidea on Corso Matteotti in Reggio Calabria. The operations began with the clearance of the historic premises of the old cinema, which for years had been occupied by old videogames and videopokers which had been subject to seizure and confiscation.

The emptying operations of the structure will be followed in the next few days by the start of the redevelopment of the external facade and interior of the historic structure which, as per the project identified following the agreement with the Order of Architects, will be home to the new Mediterranean Cultural Gate, a cultural hub capable of hosting theatrical events, screenings and artistic activities.

The mayor was present at the start of the clearing operations this morning Giuseppe Falcomatàtogether with the deputy mayors of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, Paolo Brunetti, and the Metropolitan City, Carmelo Versace.

The project, approved in recent months by the Reggio Calabria municipal council according to the guidelines of the Mayor’s mandate program, provides for the overall redevelopment of the entire structure, through financing from the Pnrr, for approximately 3.5 million euros, and the agreements for the South, for a further 500 thousand euros.

The objective of the Reggio municipal administration is to create “a cultural center capable of adapting to multidisciplinary programming and different modes of use”. The Cultural Gate will therefore be the “cultural gateway to the Mediterranean” for the city of Reggio Calabria.

“It is quite impressive to think that one of the valuable structures on our seafront, a true temple of the culture of our city, has been transformed over the years into a video poker warehouse resulting from illegal activities” stated the mayor on the sidelines of the today’s inspection. “Our task – added the first Citizen – is to bring the structure back to its ancient splendor, restoring it to its cultural function which for generations has been a point of reference for the people of Reggio, also acquiring an attractive value on a tourist level considering its prestigious location, right in front of the Lungomare Falcomatà. Soon – concluded the mayor – the Super Cinema Orchidea will return to being a cultural centre, for art, for entertainment, available to our fellow citizens”.