Cosenza, the nightmare continues: knockout also in Cremona


By John

Cremonese-Cosenza 1-0

Markers: 31′ st Antov.

Cremonese: Jungdal 6.5; Antov 7, Ravanelli 7, Bianchetti 6.5 (33′ st Lochoshvili sv), Ghiglione 6 (1′ st Okereke 6), Collocolo 6, Castagnetti 7, Zanimacchia 6.5 (40′ st Quagliata sv), Sernicola 6; Vazquez 6.5 (44′ st Majer sv), Coda 5.5 (1′ st Tsadjout 6.5). All.: Stroppa.

Cosenza: Micai 7; Cimino 6 (29′ st Rispoli 5.5), Camporese 6, Venturi 6, D’Orazio 5 (18′ st Frabotta 6.5); Zuccon 6 (17′ st Voca 6), Calò 5.5, Praszelik 5.5 (38′ st Florenzi sv); Marras 6, Tutino 5, Mazzocchi 5.5 (37′ st Crespi 5.5). All.: Caserta.

Referee: Tremolada di Monza 6.

Note: cloudy day, pitch in good condition, spectators 8,337 of which 598 guests. Ammonites: Ravanelli, Praszelik, Venturi, D’Orazio, Antov, Florenzi, Camporese, Okereke. Angles: 11-2. Recovery: 0′ st, 5′ st.

The match between the two is alive and well Cremonese and Cosenzabut in the end, the desire and greater quality of the hosts. A late goal from Antov was enough for the home team. The wolves wake up late, a goal from Antov is enough for Stroppa to remain in the noble areas of the ranking.

For the record, Coda, Zanimacchia and Vazquez gave Micai shivers in the first 10′. Only two saves from the rossoblù goalkeeper and the post prevented the Sila from capitulating. After the nightmare start, the Caserta team takes measures against the grey-reds, even if they are unable to make themselves dangerous in Jungdal’s area. The ball of the game always remains in the hands of the home team, but until the 45th minute nothing happens and Tremolada, without recovery, sends the teams to the changing rooms.

The second half opens with the entry of the bogeyman Okereke (protagonist of the Wolves promotion in 2018) in place of Ghiglione and the rejection of Coda in favor of Tsadjout. In the 50th minute Vazquez came close to scoring, but Micai was once again superb in countering the Argentine’s shot. Ten minutes later, following an insistent action, Cosenza came close to scoring with the first shot on goal by Zuccon. It takes the best Jungdal to keep the 0-0. In the meantime, Frabotta makes his debut (Camporese played from the 1st minute) on the pitch in place of captain D’Orazio.

Voca is also inside for the young Atalanta number 98. The waltz of substitutions continues with Rispoli replacing Cimino. In the 75th minute the result broke the deadlock: from a corner naively procured by the former Parma and Palermo full-back, Antov rose to the top and scored the huge goal to make it 1-0.

Caserta takes action and inserts Crespi and Florenzi in place of Mazzocchi and Praszelik. Stroppa responds by inserting Quagliata for Zanimacca, Vazquez also out and Majer in. The Wolves come very close to 1-1 one minute into the 90th minute with a daring move: Ravanelli returns, the ball hits Marras, he rears up and hits the top corner. In the same play Crespi tries but the Cremonese goalkeeper does well.

Cosenza, thanks also to Frabotta’s efforts, seems to have woken up from the torpor of a colorless match, but now there is no more time. Cremonese flies high thanks to 3 points snatched with teeth, for the rossoblù it is the middle of the night. Interventions on the market are urgently needed.