Giardini Naxos, there is no decree of forfeiture: the city council can meet again


By John

The decree of forfeiture does not yet exist, therefore the City Council is in office and can meet again. The session of December 29th which marked the “death” of the Giardini Naxos council assembly may not have been the lastwhich failed to approve the 2023-2025 budget forecast, opening the door to the replacement of the ad acta commissioner and the application of the sanction foreseen in these cases, i.e. the forfeiture of the chamber.

So far the Region has not formalized the provision and therefore the twelve councilors are still formally in office and they could reunite again in nine days. Yesterday, in fact, the president Antonella Arcidiacono has called an ordinary meeting for Monday 22nd, at 10.30 am, at the request of the independent directors Simona Fichera, Giuseppe Leotta and Emanuele Tornatorerecorded in the town hall on January 3 and sent to the presidency two days ago.

The general secretary Roberta Freni, given that no dissolution decree has yet been received by the Municipality, it asked the Region whether the Municipal Council, even if non-compliant, can legitimately be convened and operate in the period between the commissioner’s resolution approving the budget and the councilor’s dissolution decree, believing that the chamber can meet and therefore the request of the three councilors can be taken into consideration. Thus twelve questions were included on the agenda aimed at pressing the municipal administration on various issues.