Cosenza, the steles dedicated to the war dead reduced to shattered

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By John

The area between Piazza 25 Luglio and Piazza Scanderbeg had been under scrutiny for some time now. We have dealt with it several times to denounce the state of abandonment of those four steles dedicated to the Fallen in the Second World War. Also reporting the work of the uncivilized who had caused damage to the names of the victims reported on the marble slabs. Some are actually difficult to understand precisely due to poor maintenance and atmospheric agents. The municipal administrations took care of the monument. But evidently it wasn’t enough.
And yesterday afternoon, after a phone call from a passer-by to the Viale della Repubblica station, the firefighters had to intervene and in turn subsequently alerted the municipal police.
Pieces of marble detached from one of the stelae and ended up on the ground shattering and «erasing» as pointed out by a craftsman who happened to be passing by «the sacrifice of our loved ones».
The firefighters carried out a careful inspection of both the monument and the upper structure, ascertaining an evident state of precariousness that creates dangers for passers-by.
The characteristic balustrade is damaged in several places. The area overlooking Via Misasi is very busy in the evening due to the presence of clubs that attract the presence of dozens of young people. A careless gesture while leaning on the fence could cause serious consequences. And for this reason the firefighters have drawn up a detailed report, deeming it appropriate in agreement with the agents of the municipal police who intervened on the spot to cordon off the entire area that embraces piazza 25 luglio and piazza Scanderbeg in the points surrounding the monument to the victims of the Second War World.