Water emergency in Messina: interruptions in supply for urgent works. Inconvenience for the city center and the northern area


By John

There is no peace with water a Messina. L’Amam is forced into a new urgent intervention on a water supply pipe in the Camaro area which serves the city center and the northern area and for this tomorrow Thursday 31 August and Friday 1 September, there will be reductions in the usual water distribution times.

In detail, the areas affected: via Catara Lettieri, Camaro San Paolo, Camaro San Luigi, Bisconte, Via polveriera, Salita Messina 2, Salita Montesanto, C.da San Corrao and the upper part of Gravitelli; upper part of via Torrente Trapani; via Puntale Arena, via Adda, via Carrai, via Varatia, via Trebbia, via Grattoni, via 108; c.da Scoppo and c.da Caprera; Biscount; San Licandro and the entire area upstream from Viale Regina Elena; c.da Citola, Annunziata Alta, Campo Italia; the hilly villages of the northern area (Marotta, Papardo, Castanea, Masse, Curcuraci, Faro Superiore – from via Torrente Papardo towards Sant’Agata), Sant’Agata, Ganzirri, Torre Faro and Mortelle.