Cosenza, the strength of alternatives. The “Wolves” enjoy the “blitz” in Palermo


By John

Palermo’s victory could be one of maturity. Cosenza seen at work against Eugenio Corini’s team confirmed that they have what it takes to aspire to a championship that is decidedly less difficult than the last ones.

The first uncertainties, after two consecutive defeats and a last-gasp draw, have been dispelled. In Sicily, D’Orazio and his associates satisfied the coach Fabio Caserta, which turns 45 today. Melito Porto Salvo’s coach said he received his birthday present two days early. Canotto’s goal in the ninety-first minute allowed us to celebrate our second victory in six days. If he hadn’t arrived, the rossoblù would still have taken away positive indications from Barbera.

One of the aspects that the coach appreciated more than the others was the way in which his players interpreted the match. Compared to other circumstances in which Cosenza was unable to remain continuous, Friday evening showed progress in managing the match. No longer the usual thirty minutes concentrated at high intensity with notable drops in other moments but a homogeneous performance in which the rossoblù were able to shape the approach to the demands of the match. Allowing Palermo to let off steam, in the last stretch, if possible, they arrived fresher than their opponents, building the best opportunities and in fact they grabbed the prestigious result with an extraordinary feat by Gigi Canotto.

The rossoblù weapons

The Cosenza of the new course has the right weapons to hurt anyone and they demonstrated it in Palermo. Caserta’s proposal remained unchanged. Despite the delicate moment, the coach confirmed that he demands a team that plays openly against anyone. The initial deployment was the first signal sent to Palermo.
At the same time, from the first minute, he sent Marras and Mazzocchi onto the field, wide in the high lanes, and Tutino and Forte, in front. The retreating work of the two wingers proposed in the 4-4-2 allowed the Sila team to be square, making the task of the midfield and defense easier. The weapons at his disposal did not end there because next to him, on the bench, the coach also kept Canotto, another important element, for a good part of the match. Quickly contradicted were those who came to the hasty conclusion that abundance could even become a problem. The greater variety of choices compared to the past allowed us to achieve a victory like the one two days ago. With the match underway, Caserta sent Sgarbi, Viviani, Rispoli, Voca and Canotto onto the pitch. A completely different story compared to when the matches became more and more complicated as the minutes passed, especially due to the quality of the replacements. The stock in the warehouse is now appropriate for the category. Furthermore, until now, Aldo Florenzi has never been called into question, an element who has already demonstrated that he can give a lot to this team.