Cosenza, trio against Ascoli: glory for Tutino, Arioli and Zilli. Three sent off in 12′ for the bianconeri!


By John

Cosenza – Ascoli 3-0

Scorers: 20′ pt (penalty) Tutino, 10′ pt Arioli, 17′ st Zilli.
Cosenza: Mikai 6; Martino 7, Fontanarosa 7, Venturi 6.5 (24′ st Cimino 6), D’Orazio 6.5; Zuccon 6,5 (19′ st Praszelik 6), Calò 7; Arioli 7 (13′ st Marras 6), Mazzocchi 6.5 (25′ st Crespi 6), D’Urso 7 (13′ st Zilli 7), Tutino 7.
listen: Vivian 6; Adjapong 4.5, Forty 4.5, Botteghin 4.5, Falasco 4; Caligara 5 (1′ st Falzerano 5), Buchel 4.5, Masini 5 (10′ st Kraja 5); Rodriguez 5 (10′ st Pedro Mendes 5), Millico 6 (18′ st Giovane 5); Strong 4. All.: Avenues.
Referee: Forneau of Rome (I) 6.
Note. Spectators: 8,403 for a collection of 90,901 euros. Falasco was expelled in the 37th minute for a second yellow card, Buchel in the 41st minute for a foul from the last man and Forte in the 49th minute for violent play. Ammonites: Falasco, Masini, Caligara, Zuccon. Corners: 7-0. Recovery: 10′; 1′.

Debut to be framed at the “Marulla” for Cosenza. The Caserta team defeats Ascoli
. Race already channeled in the first half. Skin-deep nerves for the guests, eight from 49′ pt. A penalty from Tutino opened, Arioli and Zilli closed the magical night, two fruits of the work of the youth sector manager Sergio Mezzina. The first is good, next Saturday in Venice the Caserta group will go in search of confirmations. Meanwhile, the market today also gave away Mattia Viviani. The midfielder from Brescia moves to the banks of the Crati with the formula of the loan with the right to buy and buy back in favor of Benevento.


On the evening of the league debut, two changes compared to the Coppa Italia match against Sassuolo: Fontanarosa for Meroni (the central defender stopped during the warm-up due to a calf injury) and Arioli for the suspended Voca. Cosenza had the opportunity to play on velvet because Ascoli lost their head very early. Viali’s formation arrived at the interval with eight men due to the expulsions of Falasco (double yellow for a counter to Tutino), Buchel (desperate intervention on D’Urso to stop a situation of two against zero) and Forte (forbidden strike in Fontanarosa). Even before the triple superiority, however, the rossoblùs gave the feeling of absolute control. The Caserta team appeared applied and concentrated. The high center of gravity caused problems for the Bianconeri, who struggled to relax. Conversely, the silanes found the combinations to wrap around Viviano’s penalty area.
The match unlocked in the 16th minute when on a cross from D’Urso freed by Botteghin, Calò rushed in behind him and kicked on the fly: the ball deflected off Rodriguez’s arm. After a long consultation with the Var and the assistance of the on field review, Forneau awarded the penalty kick transformed by Tutino with a central conclusion. Cosenza continued to push continuously. In the 30th minute, Ascoli’s only attempt of the match with the former Millico: right-footed shot into the outside of the net. The task of D’Orazio and his companions became easy with the rapidly progressing three reds remedied by the Marches.


Cosenza filtered with the doubling in the opening second half with Mazzocchi and D’Urso. However, both fired blanks. Alessandro Arioli did not do the same in the 9th minute. The Roman striker born in 2003 scored his first goal among the professionals with perfect coordination on the Lazio number ten’s cross. At that point Caserta gave space to Zilli and Marras (for D’Urso and the author of the second goal). The rossoblù reached the third goal with the striker from Friuli, quick to reiterate in the net a first intervention by Viviano on Mazzocchi’s twisting header on Martino’s cross. The Modenese full-back continued to draw supplies for the heart of the area. On one of these, Tutino hit the crossbar (30′). In the final, Cosenza in ten due to the injury to Cimino (the rossoblù had run out of substitutions).