Cosenza, we need to turn the page: today against Cremonese two are gritting their teeth. Probable lineups


By John

There will be 658 rossoblù supporters who will try to drag Cosenza into the first away match of 2024 this afternoon. The championship returns after 19 days and the rossoblù are confident of leaving behind the serious doubts reported in the final stretch of the first round. Fabio Caserta he wants to start again from “a blank page”. The last days of 2023 and the first days of the new calendar year, however, were not easy for him and in yesterday morning’s press conference he made no secret of it: «The rumors that emerged certainly did me no good but it is part of this world therefore I cannot I’m surprised. But now I want to go further. I told the boys when we met again in the locker room. A cycle is over, we must draw a line and start again. The second round is a totally distinct championship. We have to leave everything behind.”

The coach is convinced that his team can play an interesting challenge at the “Zini”: «In many matches we have shown that we can face everyone head on. Furthermore, when we met teams that play football, we were able to play excellent matches while we found some more difficulties when a entrenched opponent got in the way. There Cremonese it’s certainly not the softest rival to begin with but we can’t control the calendar. Instead, we must manage what is in our hands as best we can. Matches like these are always great to play and I am convinced that the players give everything to make a good impression. We are aware that we will have one of the best equipped teams for the jump in category, solid in every department. I have confidence because I have a group of players who have always given their soul.”
The transfer market will influence the month of January: «This rule applies to all teams. The market conditions. We had staffing needs and we filled them. Anyone who has played less can ask to leave in a lawful manner. If this were to be the case, the director will be able to be ready to replace the departing players. Generally, I’m used to always having very little influence on these types of choices. It is up to the company and Gemmi to carry out analyzes of this type. I focus on training and preparing for matches tactically, that’s what I like most.”


The Silan coach announced Francesco’s absence before the final Strong. The Roman striker was the victim of a new feverish attack in the night between Friday and Saturday. Off the list as well Marson (fever), Sgarbi And Dinghy (who still feels some muscle pain). First call-up for the Primavera goalkeeper Castelnuovo. I’m not 100% either Marras (in the picture) And Meroni. The two, however, should bite the bullet and be part of the starting eleven.
Despite the pre-tactic on the eve of the match, the rossoblù should choose the 4-3-3. For Caserta, however, what matters most are “the principles of the game, a little lost with the difficulties”. They should start from the bench either Camporese is Frabotta. As for the former, the Melito Porto coach Salvo underlined how he is «a very good player but still a little behind in terms of match pace». Of the second, who “found little space” in the first part of the season, he pointed out his past “in important teams”.
Low side lanes should be entrusted to Cimino And D’Orazio. Zuccon And Voca they appear favorites to interpret the mezzali squares. The doubt in between concerns the presence of Calo: Praszelik try to take off his shirt. In attack, possible use from the 1st minute Marras, Onesie And Mazzocchi. Crespi first hypothesis of “replacement”.