Israel, Hamas kept the victims’ heads in the refrigerator to resell them for 10 thousand dollars


By John

In a devastating terrorist incursion that occurred on October 7 last yearnear Kibbutz Nir Oz in Israel, the violence and brutality have reached a new height of horror. A video, recently shown by CNN, revealed shocking details of the attack. The images taken by a security camera, as reported by Corriere della Sera, show a car hit by volleys of Kalashnikov fire, with the bodies of the victims who were trying to escape, left on the ground near the grass on the edge of the road. The film continues with the gruesome scene of a terrorist approaching the victims with a knife, starting an act of unimaginable barbarity.

The victims, innocent civilians, were brutally attacked and beheaded. Among these, there is the heartbreaking case of Adir Tahar, whose circumstances of death were told by his father, David Tahar, in an interview with Canale 14. According to reports, the young Adir, only 19 years old, was beheaded and his head taken to Gaza by Hamas paramilitaries. After two and a half months, the head was found by Israeli troops inside a bag, together with tennis balls, in a refrigerator. A captured jihadist allegedly admitted trying to sell her for $10,000.

Oren Rosenfeld, a documentary filmmaker, has raised the possibility that they were committed 17 other similar cases, where terrorists profited from the “trophies” of their killings. In a desperate and solitary effort, David Tahar tried to gather information through Hamas Telegram channels in order to give his son a proper burial. Adir’s skull was later identified through DNA and tooth analysis, allowing the family to hold a second funeral ceremony on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.