Elections, special ballot. Romeo’s comeback and triumph in Vibo. In Montalto the mayor is Faragalli. Scarcella wins in Gioia Tauro


By John

Local elections, run-off. The polls closed at Vibo Valentia, Gioia Tauro, Montalto Uffugo. The turnout at 3 pm was 49.96% in the three centers as a whole. To be precise, in Montalto in the 20 sections it stopped at 50.92%, while in Gioia Tauro it reached 56.10%. In Vibo with 37 sections out of 37 we are 45.71%.

In Vibo Valentia

Triumph for Romeo, currently with 6,455 votes, 53.64%, while Cosentino has 5,580 votes, with 46.36%. And it’s a celebration for the center-left. Enzo Romeo, candidate of the “Capo Largo” is the new mayor of Vibo Valentia according to not yet official data. After the counting of most of the ballots, the exponent of the center-left plus the M5S is ahead. Cosentino himself called Romeo to congratulate him. The outgoing administration was led by mayor Maria Limardo of Forza Italia. The defeated Cosentino admits the knockout: «We didn’t make it. The analyzes are easy: five years ago the centre and centre-right won together, this year they presented themselves separately and lost. And then time made the difference. Enzo Romeo’s project was born a year and a half ago, I tried to make up the time but I couldn’t.”

In Gioia Tauro

The preferences for Scarcella stand at 54.36% with 4,867 votes while Russo is at 45.64% with 4,086 votes. And in the Scarcella house there is celebration: «I am extremely happy – Scarcella comments to Francesco Altomonte – They all ganged up against me and for this reason the result is even more special. I will be the first female mayor of the city. A sign of change that I dedicate above all to my parents.”

In Montalto Uffugo

Biagio Antonio Faragalli won with 6,001 votes equal to 58.20%, while D’Acri closed with 4,310 votes equal to 41.80%. “This is a family – said Faragalli celebrating. We won because this is what we are and not a coalition. Day after day we have conquered a little piece of victory. We will get to work right away, but today is a day of victory and celebration. Our choices will all be agreed upon. This has been our greatest resource.”

From 3 pm we will tell you on our website and on our social media (with interviews, numbers, curiosities and images) the outcome of the count. Live connections on our Facebook page from the three cities with our correspondents Francesco Iannello, Tonino Fortuna, Francesco Altomonte, Vittorio Scarpelli and Concetta Vicinotti, with Giuseppe Mercurio in the studio.