Cosenza, we’re not there: rossoblù ko (2-0) also at Cittadella. Third knockout in a row


By John


Markers: 12′ pt Vita, 27′ pt Salvi.
Citadel (4-3-1-2): Kastrati 6; Salvi 7, Pavan 6.5, Negro 6.5, Carissoni 7; Vita 7.5 (40′ st Kornvig sv), Branca 6, Carriero 6.5 (32′ st Mastrantonio sv); Cassano 7 (16′ st Tessiore 6); Pandolfi 6.5 (32′ st Magrassi sv), Pittarello 6 (16′ st Maiestrello 6). All.: Gorini.
Cosenza (4-4-2): Micai 6; Martino 5, Venturi 6, Meroni 6, D’Orazio 5 (13′ st Cimino 6); Marras 5 (4′ st Voca 5.5), Zuccon 5 (31′ st Crespi sv), Praszelik 5.5 (31′ st Florenzi sv), Mazzocchi 5; Tutino 5, Forte 5 (13′ st Zilli 5.5). All.: Caserta.
Referee: Bonacina of Bergamo 6.
Note: clear day, pitch in good condition, 3,156 spectators of which 474 guests. Booked: D’Orazio, Praszelik, Zuccon, Branca, Cimino, Tessiore, Negro, Crespi. Corners: 1-3. Recovery time: 2′, 5′.

Third consecutive defeat for Cosenza who, after the knockouts against Catanzaro and Ternana, also lost in Cittadella and sank to mid-table with a playout in sight. The music hasn’t changed in the rossoblù house compared to the latest, disappointing performances. After the usual good start with Forte wasting away at 0-0, in fact, the Sila suffered Vita’s goal and effectively stopped playing. The Granata midfielder scored from a free kick in the 12th minute (a naive foul by Praszelik on Cassano). The match could change ten minutes later, but the referee doesn’t blow the whistle due to the dubious contact in the grenade area between Pavan and Tutino. In the 27th minute Cittadella doubled their lead thanks to Salvi’s first league goal who, following a corner, overtook Forte and scored the second goal. The second half opens with Marras’s injury (relapse after the muscular knockout from which he had just recovered?), Voca in his place. Cosenza tries: Castrati says no to Mazzocchi and Voca, Negro’s hand in the middle in the Cittadella area but Bonacina lets it continue (the ball hits the defender’s foot first). The Caserta team doesn’t have enough to try to reopen the match, the hosts adapt. The result no longer changes and at the final whistle the Wolves have no choice but to lick their wounds.
Dark night for Cosenza who hadn’t lost three matches in a row for a year. It was December 2022 when the team led by Viali at the time fell against Venezia, Ascoli and Cagliari, finding themselves last on Boxing Day. Cittadella, now third, hadn’t won 5 in a row since 2016.