Councilor Corigliano bets: “Crotone capital of culture 2028”


By John

«The objective is ambitious, but Crotone has what it takes…». The Councilor for Culture of the Pythagorean Municipality Nicola Corigliano It is no coincidence that he uses the adjective “ambitious”to summarize the “complexity” of the path to be taken and the goal to be achieved: nominate Crotone as Capital of Culture for 2028 and obtain the coveted recognition. A project and an objective launched in concert between the municipal department that Corigliano has led since early January 2023 and“Paideia” association presided over by the volcanic Luigi Bitonti. It is not an easy path to follow to first build a “credible dossier”, underlines Corigliano, and then cross the finish line as Pesaro did for 2024, Agrigento for 2025 and L'Aquila for 2026. The competition will certainly be fierce but Corigliano believes in it and reels off the concrete commitment already put in place together with Paideia. «We have already held meetings in schools and are planning others and at the same time we have started discussions with the mayors of the area». «We need to focus – he adds – on project sharing with other territorial bodies and with other subjects who are stakeholders in the territory». «We must also demonstrate the ability to network», observes the holder of the delegation for Culture of the council led by Enzo Voce. Initiatives aimed at involving citizens and the “cultural capital of the area” and encouraging them to participate also go in this direction. In this regard, Corigliano cites the Register of “active citizenship” which has taken the first steps and started the process (“soon the proposal will reach the Fourth Commission”), to equip itself with a regulation to establish the Register of artists locals.