Cosenza defeats Reggiana, 4-0 at the Mapei Stadium


By John


Markers: 6' pt D'Orazio, 44' pt Tutino, 37' st, 45' st Forte.
Reggiana (3-4-2-1): Satalino 6.5; Sampirisi sv (15' st Romagna 6), Rozzio 5 (33' st Varela), Marcandalli 5.5; Fiamozzi 5, Cigarini 5.5, Kabashi 5, Pieragnolo 6 (17' st Pajac 6); Antiste 5 (1' st Gondo 6.5), Melegoni 5 (17' st Portanova 6); Okwonkwo 5.5. All.: Nesta.
Cosenza (3-5-2): Micai 6.5; Meroni 7, Camporese 6.5, Venturi 6; Marras 6.5, Zuccon 6.5 (23' st Voca 6), Calò 7, Antonucci 6 (23' st Praszelik 6), D'Orazio 7 (32' st Frabotta 6); Mazzocchi 7 (40' st Canotto sv), Tutino 8 (32' st Forte 7). All.: Avenues.
Referee: Sozza di Seregno 6.5.
Note: peaceful evening, pitch in good condition, 9,975 spectators including 810 guests for a gross takings of 107,410 euros. Booked: Marras, Venturi, Voca, Praszelik. Angles: 6-5. Recovery time: 2' st, 3' st.

Poker of applause for Cosenza at the “Mapei Stadium”. The Sila team beat Reggio Emilia for the first time and took a breath of fresh air while waiting for the results of their rivals. Viali's team crushes Reggiana, now sucked into the fray.
The rossoblù immediately broke the deadlock with D'Orazio. The left back from Abruzzo, preferred to Frabotta, beats Satalino with a header following a cross from Tutino.
Reggiana looks for a reply in the 9th minute when on the opposite side, Pieragnolo anticipates Marras but misses Micai's goal following Sampirisi's cross.
Cosenza is dangerous when it extends vertically. In the 14th minute, Tutino serves Antonucci but the Roman is not precise with his right foot. Three minutes later, Marras catches the Neapolitan but Marcandalli closes in the corner.
The match settles down, we have to wait until the 38th minute to witness a new ring: Calò deflects Cigarini's free kick onto the goal. In the end, however, it is still Cosenza. Tutino, catches Calò's throw, swerves and hits the post (he was offside but the linesman lets it continue) and on the next play he receives from Mazzocchi and with a billiard shot beats Satalino.
In the second half, Meroni heads Satalino on Calò's corner (6'). Reggiana shows signs of recovery through changes. In the 19th minute Portanova sent it wide from outside the area, then Micai handled Pajac's free kick and blocked Gondo's low shot (28'). The latter saves from the chest for Okwonkwo who angles the shot too much (31'). The Wolves closed the match with Forte, who found the net by taking advantage of Calò's free kick. The attacker repeats himself in the ninetieth minute: shot deflected by Marcandalli, Satalino out of action. Apotheosis.