Messina, artificial intelligence in the staging of the exhibition “Libera nos domina” by Giuseppe Contarini


By John

The help of artificial intelligence in the setup of the exhibition “Libera nos domina”conceived by the photographer from Messina Giuseppe Contarini and hosted from this afternoon in the newly created contemporary art gallery “Zancle Art Project”, a young project promoted by Ivan Piccione and the artistic director Giovanni Cardillo.
Contarini, who has also been the coordinator of Casa Sanremo photographers for years, leaves an aura of mystery in the explanation of the exhibition: «There will be contemporary elements and themes which however I do not want to anticipate, above all because I would like the interpretation of the works to be only the fruit of the observation of those who come to visit the exhibition. There will be space for the change in the figure of man and also the use of superhero images to describe the transformation process that has led to today’s society. The nine images will “dialogue” with each other, using this new, today demonized, tool of artificial intelligence.”

The professor. of Photography and Visual Culture of the University of Messina Francesco Parisi gave his scientific support for the creation of the exhibition: «The photographic project conceived by Giuseppe Contarini represents an injection of restlessness into the tranquil territory of thought. The situations in which the portrayed characters are immersed emerge from a narrative that the photographer has deliberately constructed only to deconstruct it later. The images do not act as captions for an easily interpretable reality, but are tools for questioning the observer, arousing in his gaze a reaction that initiates a reflection on central contemporary themes and on hypothetical but plausible future scenarios”.

“Libera nos domina” has obtained the patronage of the Municipality and the Department of Cognitive, Psychological, Pedagogical Sciences and Cultural Studies of the University of Messina and will be open to visitors until Saturday 25 November from 5.30pm to 8pm. During the creation of the exhibition they collaborated Floriana Bianco, Davide Dell’Acqua, Nino Famà, Roberto Bonaventura and Antonella Arrigo. Among the subjects photographed also Chiara Salvo, Alessandro Turchi, Renato and Enrico Sorriso, Antonio Tomeo and Santi Villari.