Crosetto-Vannacci meeting. The minister: “Should he apply to the European elections with Fdi? I have no idea”


By John

«I listened to what Vannacci had to tell me. Giorgia Meloni has more important things to take care of than Vannacci. The Minister of Defense took care of it. This was declared by Defense Minister Guido Crosetto, interviewed at the Il Fatto Quotidiano party underway in Rome, regarding his meeting yesterday with the general Roberto Vannacci, author of the book “The world upside down”. Speaking of Vannacci’s possible candidacy in the European elections on the Brothers of Italy lists, he specified: “I have no idea”.

Crosetto then added: «Ideas are one thing, legitimate, but since I became a minister, I have to deal with principles, values ​​and the Constitution. The ideas are legitimate, but when I speak as a minister I have to take care of preserving the institutions, the values ​​of the Constitution, the democratic principles. This is even more true for those who constitutionally have the power to use force. The Minister of Defense must guarantee the institutions, then when he takes off his jacket he will be able to say what he thinks.”