Crotone falls at home, a ruthless Turris wins 3-2


By John

MARKERS: 21’pt Cum, 31’pt and 2’st Maniero, 1’st Tumminello, 36’st Vuthaj.
CROTONE (4-2-3-1): Dini 5.5; Leo 5(31’st Giannotti 5.5), Papini 5.5, Gigliotti 5.5, Giron 6.5; Petriccione 6, Felippe 5.5 (14’st Vuthaj 6.5); D’Ursi 5.5 (31’st Pannitteri 5.5), Vitale 5.5 (43’st Cantisani sv), Tribuzzi 5.5; Tumminello 6 (15’st Gomez 5.5). All. Zauli 5.5.
TURRIS (3-4-3): Page 7; Cocetta 5.5, Miceli 5.5, Frascatore 5.5 (20’st Burgio 6); Cum 7, Scaccabarozzi 6.5, Franco 6.5 (14’st Pugliese 6), Contessa 6.5; Giannone 6 (25’st De Felice 6), Maniero 7 (25’st D’Auria 6), Nocerino 6.5 (13’st Matera 6). Annex Caneo 7.
REFEREE: Andreano di Prato 6

NOTES: WARNINGS: Tumminello, Vitale, De Felice, D’Auria. Tickets 1352 with proceeds of 11,907.00, subscribers 3,198 with accruals of 10,293.31, Total tickets 4,550 with proceeds of 22,200.31. Corners: 4-3. Recovery: 2’pt, 6’st

First defeat of the season for Zauli’s Crotone who succumbed to a more cynical and more concrete Turris in the implementation phase. It ends 2-3 at the “Scida”: after the first twenty minutes of dominion by the rossoblu’, the Corallini move on in the 21st minute with Cum’s goal. Ten minutes later the Corallini doubled their lead with Maniero, closing the first half at 0-2. In the second half, Crotone immediately closed the gap with Tumminello but 1′ later Maniero brought the result to 3-1. After the substitutions, Crotone tried to force the ball towards the end, finding the net in the 36th minute by Vuthaj but then, thanks to an extraordinary Pagno who saved everything, they couldn’t even bring the result to a draw.


Messina – Casertana postponed to 11/10
Benevento – Virtus Francavilla tomorrow
Brindisi – Catania postponed
Crotone – Turris 2-3
Foggia – Giugliano tomorrow
Juve Stabia – Avellino tomorrow
Latina – Potenza 2-1
Monopoli – Monterosi 2-2
Picerno – Taranto tomorrow
Sorrento – Audace Cerignola 2-2

CLASSIFICATION: Latina, Turris 6 points; Crotone, Giugliano, Juve Stabia, Picerno, Potenza, Taranto 3; Cerignola 2; Messina, Monopoli, Monterosi, Sorrento 1; Catania, Avellino, Casertana, Brindisi, Foggia, Benevento, V.Francavilla 0.