Luciano Sorbillo suffered a heart attack in Calabria, the well-known pizza chef “saved thanks to telemedicine and the skill of the doctors”


By John

«I was reborn thanks to the skill of the doctors, nurses and all the Calabrian healthcare personnel». Bad experience for The well-known Neapolitan pizza chef Luciano Sorbillo, belonging to the family of the same name, suffered a heart attack while at work in Calabria. Sorbillo himself made the incident known on his Facebook profile. The pizza chef already had an ongoing heart attack when he went to a pharmacy where he immediately underwent an electrocardiogram. The outcome of the exam, thanks to telemedicine, he was subjected to scrutiny by doctors at a center located in Brescia who, having recognized the imminent danger, raised the alarm and Luciano Sorbillo was transported by helicopter in hospital in Catanzaro where he found a team waiting for him ready to intervene.

“It seems like a film – writes Sorbillo, who is still hospitalized in the Calabrian hospital – I feel ill but thanks to the air ambulance, I manage to get into the hospital, at the Pugliese Ciaccio in Catanzaro. The Utic Operational Unit team directed by professor Antonio Vincenzo Ciconte brought me back to life. I was reborn thanks to the skill of the doctors, nurses and all the Calabrian healthcare staff. Thanks to an electrocardiogram and a telemedicine message I am still alive. My heart gave out but the hands of the doctors At the Ciaccio Pugliese Hospital in Catanzaro they put me back on my feet. Maybe things were supposed to go this way, but I take this opportunity to say that if I am alive today I owe it to the people who were close to me with love and affection, to the doctors, to the emergency services, to the air ambulance and the great medical professional of Southern Italy. The South is polite, professional but above all humanity. My Calabria».