Crotone reclamation, petition launched to not leave waste in Calabria


By John

The ‘Out of Poisons Crotone wants to live’ Committee delivered to the Prefecture a petition signed by 4,994 citizens of Crotone (due to a mix-up, around 1,500 signatures collected by the Democratic Party on the same topic were missing) to reiterate their opposition to the disposal of waste from land reclamation in Calabria industrial area.

The petition was launched last April in view of the services conference which tomorrow, 26 June, must decide on the variant request to the Phase 2 reclamation operational plan proposed by Eni Rewind to the Ministry of the Environment. To the vice prefect D’Alessio a letter sent to the president of the Calabria Region was also delivered, Roberto Occhiuto, to the regional council and to the majority and opposition regional councilors, which asks for «the suspension of the effects and effectiveness of the regional waste plan due to the serious consequences that this could have for the territory of Crotone whose environment is already severely compromised, and already subjected to strong epidemiological health pressures.”

The committee asks the governor to initiate, given the serious health situation in our territory, a preventive Strategic Environmental Assessment of the territory already located in Sin, suspending as a precaution any activity and authorization that has not undergone an overall, cumulative, preventive and precautionary assessment on the health and life of the people of Crotone”. Finally, with reference to the upcoming services conference, the Committee underlines the need «for coordination of local institutions aimed at a single request that strongly counters Eni Rewind’s attempt to modify the Pob Phase 2 approved on 24 October 2019, as can be seen from the new proposal presented and placed on the agenda of the services conference on 26 June. This is also considering that nothing has changed to justify the modification, rather it is necessary to highlight the failure to comply with the reclamation requirements of the Ministerial Decree of 3 March 2020″.