Crotone: the Pay Tourist system arrives, the app that manages the tourist tax


By John

In Crotone the tourist tax will become a service for operators, tourists and citizens thanks to the introduction of the Pay Tourist system, presented to the Municipality by the budget councilors Antonio Scandale and Tourism councilors Maria Bruni. Numerous activities will be introduced by this innovative software for the management of the tourist tax, managed by the company So.get Spa, which can be made available to Crotone tourist operators. Pay Tourist, explained Scandale, “represents, thanks also to the synergy with the municipal administration, a guarantee for the tourist who accesses the accommodation facilities and is presented with a series of options regarding the accommodation offer of the city”. The guest will have the opportunity to review the structure in which he is hosted, also helping to improve the level of services offered, with the certainty of the reuse of the tourist tax paid, as he will not only know from the administration what interventions are are intended to improve the tourist offer through the tourist tax but also contribute, with their suggestions, to the reuse of the same. The operator, in turn, can customize his own identification page, providing those who access the platform with information about the structure, rooms and services provided. Furthermore, the platform can also provide the trend of tourist flows in the area. A first step is planned to test the new app which will subsequently become fully operational.