Crotone, violates the ban on approaching his ex-wife: a 46-year-old arrested


By John

The agents of the flying squad of the General Prevention and Public Rescue Office of the Police Headquarters have arrested in flagrante delicto a 46 year old from Crotoneto have violated the provision which ordered the removal from the family home and the ban on approaching the places frequented by the offended personissued by the GIP of the Court to protect the ex-wife.

In October 2023, following the complaint filed by the woman for mistreatment, the man, referred to the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Court of Crotone following the outcome of the investigations, was subjected to the aforementioned precautionary measure.

The operators, alerted by a passerby who had heard screams coming from the house, intervened and, after entering the apartment, found the man inside the family home, regardless of the order issued against him a few months ago. Before. Therefore, the aforementioned was arrested and, upon order of the AG, placed under house arrest.