Management of sports facilities in Corigliano Rossano. Salimbeni appeals to the Prosecutor's Office


By John

Political activity begins to heat up within the city council, with the opposition which heavily pressures the municipal executive, also by appealing to the Public Prosecutor's Office, on problems in the sports facilities sectornow that the lines in the field for the next administrative electoral competition seem to be taking shape.
Opening hostilities in an unusual way, compared to his specific remarks regarding administrative activity, is the Action municipal councilor, Mattia Salimbenicandidate for mayor of the civic-moderate coalition, who returns to the question of the sports facilities present in the city of which the municipality would receive only 13 thousand euros, underlining that anarchy would reign in the sports facilities sector. An “anomalous” fact in the opinion of the opposition councilor and aspirant for the most important seat in the Municipality, “since the municipality – according to Salimbeni – would not be aware of who manages the plants”. Salimbeni, who had already asked for information on the issue, returns to the attack in a heavy way by announcing that he has presented “a specific complaint to the Public Prosecutor's Office of Castrovillari, so that – he claims – light can be shed on this shameful situation”, after the The topic had been discussed in the city council held in question-time mode, on the basis of his own question.