De Luca candidate for Monza: “I’m not here to take back the Fascina seat”


By John

«I’m not here to take back Marta’s seat. Fascina was elected in the Marsala constituency, like Craxi in Gela, but this is not the issue. We want to propose a politically different model of politics and administration.” The mayor of Taormina and leader of South with North said it Cateno De Luca presenting his candidacy in the by-elections for the Monza constituencyvacant in the Senate after the death of Silvio Berlusconi.

«I am not politically unemployed, I don’t need the chair – he added – but this appointment is important. It’s not easy to run in any municipality that isn’t yours and win but it’s already happened in four different territories. And it is no coincidence that, where we have administered, we have left municipalities as protagonists for good governance.” According to De Luca, Monza «is a context that has medium-high urban services – he explained – here there is no problem of chasing the “dirty” people like when I arrived in Messina and we had 8% separate waste collection while today it is 60%. You can concentrate on development.” The mayor of Taormina also quoted the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi: «He often says: “Do you know why I like De Luca? Because I couldn’t fool him”. When we met in July 2022 – he said – he wanted to propose a political agreement to me, before carrying out that unlucky operation of the Third Pole. I told him that I would get what he offered me on my own.” And in any case, he concluded, “I have never played to lose”