Domestic electricity column bonus 2024, requests are now open: here's how it works


By John

The bonus domestic electric columns represents a great opportunity for those who want to install infrastructures for charging electric vehicles. Starting from 12pm February 15, 2024it will be possible to submit applications to access a contribution that covers 80% of the expenses incurred for the purchase and installation of such infrastructures, including columns or wall boxes. The measure, which will remain open until March 14, 2024is aimed at those who carried out the installation in the period included between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023.

Who can benefit from the bonus

All parties who have installed the charging infrastructure within the indicated period are eligible to apply. The access system to the platform involves the use of the SPID, the CIE or the CNS, thus facilitating the application process through an online guided procedure.

Contribution details

The bonus includes a reimbursement of up to 1,500 euros for private users and can reach up to 8,000 euros for installations carried out in the common areas of condominium buildings. It is important to underline that each beneficiary is entitled to submit only one application.

Procedure and timing

Once the application has been sent, Invitalia, the body managing the measure on behalf of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, takes care of its management. For any doubt or need for clarification, you can contact Invitalia directly via the online form or by contacting toll-free number 800 77 53 97.

Within 90 days of the closing of the counter, the Ministry will issue the decree granting and disbursing the contribution, following the chronological order of arrival of the applications.

Use of the contribution

The contribution is intended to cover the costs relating to the purchase and installation of the charging infrastructure, including all ancillary costs such as design, electrical installation, necessary building works, as well as the costs of connecting to the electricity grid. It is essential that all expenses are documented and that payments are made via traceable methods.