Reggio, wide-ranging police checks: 5 people reported for theft of electricity and irregular detection of weapons


By John

In recent days, the Carabinieri of the Reggio Calabria Company have carried out a service of cExtraordinary control of the wide-ranging territory aimed at giving greater incisiveness in terms of prevention and repression of crimes perpetrated throughout the city centre. In particular, the attention of the numerous patrols employed was directed towards the prevention and repression of crimes relating to weapons, the illicit use of electricity as well as violations of the rules of the highway code.
In particular, in the Mosorrofa area, the military reported four people, aged between 40 and 60, for theft of electricity – perpetrated through illegal connections to the public network – and un 45 year old man for illegal possession of a rifle inside his home.
As part of the road traffic control, more than 50 cars were checked and over 70 people identified. Among the fines imposed on the highway code, there was also a administrative detention of a car as it is not covered by the required inspection.
The service is part of a broader activity to combat illegal situations in the area and certainly actively contributes to the free use of some public places. The checks will continue in the coming weeks with the same aim: to prevent and repress crimes in general as well as reduce infringements of the highway code and raise awareness among motorists to pay greater attention when driving.
With reference to the aforementioned referrals, since these are measures in the preliminary investigation phase, subsequent evaluations during the trial remain unaffected.