Drugs in the Gioia Tauro plain, Biasi and Stanganelli's support for “Daddy Courage”


By John

«Operation Perseverant confirms the first-rate investigative capacity of the Carabinieri Company Taurianova and, once again, strengthens us in the belief that collaboration with the police and the judiciary is the path to redemption that we must follow with ever greater conviction and insistence.”

This is what the mayor of Taurianova declares, Roy Biasiafter learning from the press about the blitz with which the military defeated a drug dealing network in the city and beyond during the night.
«We knew, and not from today, the widespread knowledge of the criminal dynamics of the city gained by the military of Captain Gaetano Borgese – continues the mayor – but in the case of the 18 precautionary measures taken in these hours, to congratulations for the investigative readiness demonstrated once again, we cannot fail to add the moral and practical support that as the municipal administration we feel we can offer to the parent whose complaint triggered the investigation. Even in the anonymity in which this father appropriately continues to remain, we want to make him feel our solidarity and that of the healthy part of the city. Just today – concludes Mayor Biasi – the council found itself approving the adhesion to the Pact for Urban Security with the Prefecture, an instrument that will allow us to strengthen structured surveillance in the territory in order to concretely help the forces of order and intervene for the prevention of those hateful crimes from which the youth universe of Taurianova is unfortunately not immune, helping families to escape from the understandable anguish that these news obviously amplify and reiterating once again that the urban fabric of Taurianova is not a free zone in which criminals can delude themselves into thinking they are freely planning their trafficking.”

Stanganelli, Health Guarantor: “Thank you Dad Courage”

I express particular appreciation for the “Perseverant” operation coordinated by the Prosecutor Emanuele Crescenti and the Deputy Prosecutor Davide Lucisano of the Palmi Prosecutor's Office and conducted by the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Reggio Calabria, which decapitated a complex drug trafficking and dealing system. Today's operation was made possible thanks to a courageous father who, in order to rescue his daughter and many young people from this sad market of malfeasance, did not hesitate for a single moment to tell his story, relying on the institutions. The fight against drug trafficking must become the spearhead against criminal organizations which, through the movement of large quantities of drugs, poison the lives and hopes of many young people. It is therefore essential that the institutions, the judiciary, the police forces and the citizens unite in one cry to eradicate the crime of the century. Thank you dad courage, I hug you ideally and hope to meet you soon. You represent Calabria to be proud of.