Occhiuto elected deputy secretary of Forza Italia: “Now strengthen the party in the South”


By John

They were elected deputy secretaries Of Forza Italia Roberto Occhiuto, Alberto Cirio, Deborah Bergamini and Stefano Benigni. The election took place by show of hands at the closing of the Forza Italia congress at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome.

Occhiuto: “Tajani is the right person in the right place, I am honored for the deputy role”

‚ÄúCongratulations to our secretary Antonio Tajani, acclaimed clearly and unanimously by the entire Forza Italia National Congress. Since June 12th we have experienced complicated moments. In the first weeks after the death of President Silvio Berlusconi we were disoriented, orphans of our leader. Antonio took the blue movement by the hand and led it, with intelligence and wisdom, to this historic appointment. He proved to be the right person in the right place, and I am sure that he will also confirm in the future the positive things he has done in recent months. Good work to Tajani, and good work to those who, together with me, will support him as deputy secretaries of the party: Deborah Bergamini, Alberto Cirio and Stefano Benigni. I am deeply honored by this role, I thank the many delegates who supported my candidacy, and from tomorrow I am ready to do my utmost to strengthen the party in the South and throughout the country, firstly in view of the European elections and then to face the better all the challenges that await us.”

Thus Roberto Occhiuto, president of the Calabria Region and new national deputy secretary of Forza Italia.

Mancuso's words

“A sincere 'good luck' to President Occhiuto, for the important role of deputy coordinator of Forza Italia, entrusted to him at the conclusion of his party's congress. The proactive dynamism was rewarded, which leads him to bypass the controversies and focus on the facts, and his strong ability to analyze present and future scenarios. Dynamism and political skills that distinguish him on a national and European level and, at the same time, in his commitment to leading a complex region of Southern Italy, to which, together with political forces of the centre-right, is allowing excellent results to be achieved”, stated the president of the Regional Council.