Elections in Corigliano Rossano, Madeo leaves Azione and goes to Stasi. Zagarese (Fi) withdraws from the challenge


By John

In the delicate and complex phase in the composition of the electoral lists for the June local elections, curiosity is aroused regarding the possible candidatures of the main exponents who have held sway in the political activity carried out within the institutions and political parties, but also on possible new lists.
Among the curiosities that seem to emerge among citizens who are interested in politics and also among the leaders of movements, associations and parties themselves, that of the possible candidacy of city councilors, Francesco Madeo and Aldo Zagaresetwo important exponents who have been covered a lot in the political news in the very recent past and even today as confidences have emerged regarding their non-candidacy in the next elections.
Confirmation in this sense came from the interested party himself, Aldo Zagarese, a leading exponent of the Democratic Party until a few years ago, who had played the role of group leader of the Democrats, and then joined Forza Italia a few months ago, forming the group councilor. Zagarese, in fact, while supporting the Azzurro party, pointed out that due to professional commitments he will not run on any list.
It would seem, however, that Francesco Madeo, who did not agree with the nomination of the commissioner in Corigliano Rossano's party nor the choice to join the centre-right coalition, could decide to run on one of the nascent lists with support for the Stasi coalition.