Elections in Corigliano Rossano, parties busy drawing up the lists. Grillini aim to be competitive


By John

The news on the lists that are preparing to participate in the next electoral consultations in June is overlapping, between new entries in the administrative electoral panorama and consolidated experiences. Among the new lists that are preparing to participate in the consultation for the election of the mayor and the city council, there is the Five Star Movement which in the last elections had not participated in the electoral consultation, the Democratic Party, and a civic movement that should present itself ( the entry into the field with their own list is not yet fully defined) with a new name that should be defined as “Aria Nuova” who today are preparing to support the candidate for mayor with each other's lists Flavio Stasi.
From news recovered here and there, given that no names have yet emerged, it has become known that the five-star party, as announced by the president Giuseppe Conte in his recent visit to Corigliano Rossano, on the occasion of the meeting held in the Metropol cinema theater, he is preparing a competitive list. As mentioned, the names are not known which, apparently, are currently being evaluated by the territorial managers of parliament, the deputiesVittoria Baldino and Elisa Scutellà. In fact, according to what we have learned, there would be an alternation of names that appear and then disappear.