Middle East: “The Israeli army is ready to enter Rafah”


By John

The Israeli army conducted all necessary preparations to enter Rafahwhich it considers the last bastion of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and will be able to launch an operation as soon as it has obtained government approval: Haaretz reports this, reporting international media quoting a senior defense official.

Last night Kan TV anticipated the news, quoting two American officials and underlining that the army is preparing to attack 'very soon' and that it would begin a massive evacuation of over a million Palestinians. According to sources, Palestinians will have to evacuate to tent compounds set up by international humanitarian organizations in the next four to five weeks. The plan for the Rafah operation has been presented to American officials and other agencies in the region, Kan noted. According to the plan, the operation will proceed in phases, based on a division of Gaza city into defined areas.