Elections in Gioia Tauro, principal Russo’s candidacy is official


By John

It starts from the paradigm of the Sicilian writer Gesualdo Bufalino principal Mariarosaria Russo that, at the end of a series of interlocutory meetings with other aspiring mayors, abefore 2024 by dissolving the reservations and effectively officially announcing his entry into the field for the administrative elections in Junewith a civic coalition which, at the moment, does not include any agreement with other political forces.
And if for Bufalino the mafia will one day be defeated by an army of elementary school teachers, it will be with a real army of professionals – teachers first and foremost, doctors, lawyers, architects, people of good will willing to put their skills at the service of the community – that Russo intends to carry forward the longed-for cultural revolution capable of crumbling the stalest patterns and pulling the city out of the shallows in which it has run aground in recent years.
Over a hundred were present, including candidates and supporters, on Thursday evening in the meeting room of a well-known city accommodation facility, for what represents only a first preliminary meeting which will be followed January 27th – as announced by the principal – another important event of national importance. Russo thus invited the participants to forward by that date the requests for everything that they believe should converge in a shared program that will unfold by thematic areas: port, agriculture, education, social reuse of confiscated assets.