Elections in Gioia Tauro, the candidates warm up their engines. Schiavone: “We are the ruling class of tomorrow.” And Russo puts up… the posters


By John

«A team made up of competent people, each in a specific sector. While we were struggling with the program, other mayoral candidates were struggling with the family tree of our candidates to look for relatives to run with the aim of dividing families. Despite the hard and dirty electoral campaign, here is the ruling class of tomorrow: 32 free women and men who threw their hearts beyond the obstacle and took to the field for the love of the city.”

These were the words of Rosario Schiavone during the presentation of the candidates on the lists “Tradition and Innovation” and “Gioiese Alliance”. The event took place on Friday evening in the “Cisterne” premises: «There was a fantastic response from the citizens, which confirms the great desire for change that can be felt in Gioia Tauro», stated Schiavone, adding: «Not we can talk about change if behind the new faces of the other candidates lies the same old politics that has governed us for the last 30 years. There are those who have built a team around a candidate by simply seeking consensus and those who have built a candidate around a team, grouping ideas and not electoral signs.”
Schiavone continued by taking stock of the path taken: «We have put real and often neglected issues such as agriculture, seafaring, but also social inclusion, the elderly, childhood and policies to protect the animals”. The evening was further enriched by the presence of the parliamentarian and provincial coordinator of “We Moderates” Nino Foti, of the Hon. Pino Galati and the “Noi Moderati” candidate for the next European elections Riccardo Rosa, who expressed their full support for Schiavone's political project and his lists. But above all, the national leader of “Noi Moderati” and former Minister of Transport, Maurizio Lupi, who praised the candidate's work, encouraging him to follow the path of change.
Lupi said: «I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend this event. I see passion, desire for change, desire to renew, and this is what we are also doing with our party at a national level. I am happy that the provincial ruling class of the party”, whose city manager is Giovanni Lollio, candidate on Schiavone's lists, “has focused on you. For this reason we will be at the disposal of the project with all our strength.”

On the front of the “La Ginestra” coalition

Meanwhile, on the front of the “La Ginestra” coalition which supports the candidate for mayor Mariarosaria Russo, Friday night there was a nice moment of aggregation enjoyed by all the candidates for councillor, by the supporters and by the mayoral candidate herself who, in view of the official opening of the electoral campaign, organized to go out all together, armed with brooms and buckets, for the ritual of posting posters, a way to inaugurate the race at Palazzo Sant'Ippolito under the best auspices. A veritable carousel of cars and a caravan of candidates poured into the streets of the city, doing their utmost to put up posters in the designated spaces, led by the principal Mariarosaria Russo herself and lots of souvenir photos to immortalize the symbolic moment.
In a climate of festive participation, the members of the coalition walked the main streets of the center and the suburbs, demonstrating a strong sense of community and enviable energy. Not just a propaganda gesture, but a real opportunity to create moments of aggregation and direct contact with citizens.
Candidate Russo, present at the event, commented: «This initiative was born from the desire to actively involve citizens in the electoral campaign, showing that politics can also be done with a smile and participation. We want a cleaner city, not only physically but also morally, and our gesture symbolizes the desire for renewal and transparency.” The activity aroused curiosity and sympathy among passers-by, many of whom stopped to ask questions, take photos and, in some cases, spontaneously join the initiative.